Amazone inaugurates the new technology centre

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With the official inauguration of the new Technology Centre at the Hasbergen-Gaste factory, Amazonen-Werke have made another large step forward in expanding its capacity. In the new building 120 work stations for Amazone engineers and technicians from the area of research and development have been established. “During the previous years the number of employees in this sector has increased above average. With this new building we can concentrate all our skills now under one roof, allowing shortened and quicker ways of communication, and thus further increasing our ability to innovate”, Amazone directors Christian Dreyer and Dr. Justus Dreyer were glad to state on the occasion of the inauguration on 14th February, 2014.

 The new Technology Centre blends harmoniously into the structure of the already existing administration buildings at the Hasbergen-Gaste site. With its aesthetic cladding and its huge window area of approximately 500 m², not only does it meet the demands of modern architecture, but at the same time provides the employees with well-lit and friendly work stations. The central entrance hall and staircases are characterised by their open design with the objective to promote the meeting and communication between employees.

The nett floor area of the new building, which has been erected in just 8 months, is 1,650 m² whereas the total volume amounts to almost 8,000 m³. In total, approximately 480 m³ of concrete, 1,425 m² of steel reinforced concrete ceilings and 75 tons of steel were installed.