E+S mounted spreader for winter service


Spread fan

Amazone Winterdienst-Streuer E + S im Streueinsatz

Accurate spreading on either pavements or cycle paths is possible by simply swivelling the spread fan.

Usable in the spring, summer or autumn on sports grounds!

Winterdienststreuer im Ganzjahres Einsatz

Fertilising at the right time:
Heavily stressed lawns need that early fertilising in the spring. With little effort, the E+S winter salt spreader can be converted to a fertiliser spreader for granular fertiliser. In this way a very good longitudinal and lateral distribution and a high acreage output is achieved.

Applying sand at regular intervals:
Regular applications of sharp sand in small quantities prevent lawn surfaces from becoming sealed and, as such, forming an impenetrable layer to water, nutrients and air.
Without conversion the AMAZONE E+S spreader becomes the perfect machine for the application of sand. The sand is evenly incorporated into the lawn. Any additional sweeping and lifting of the grass is not necessary.

Hopper shape

steile Trichterwaende

The steep hopper walls ensure the even flow of the spreading material.

Special agitators

Spezialrührwerke für unterschiedliche Streugüter

Special agitators are available for different spreading materials such as sand, salt, grit-salt mixture or granular fertiliser.


Hydraulischer Antrieb

Flexible drive concept, at choise universal joint shaft drive with Walterscheid PTO shaft or hydraulic drive for the connection to the hydraulic system of the towing vehicle (required pump capacity 35-50 l/min).

Cleaning and maintenance

The patented E+S metering system allows the removal or fitting of all metering components without tools, without having to unbolt or to bolt the hopper. In this way a quick and easy cleaning and maintenance is possible.