E+S mounted spreader for winter service


AMADOS E+S – with useful job management

AMADOS E+S: Mehr Komfort, mehr Kontrolle

The special strength of the AMADOSE+S is the possibility for job management. The area worked, the distance driven and the application rate are shown in the display. In addition the worked total area of all jobs can be recorded. With these functions, AMADOSE+S regulating electronics results in a further improvement in spreading accuracy and relevant spreading material saving.

The benefits
- Job management
- Documentation

Hopper extensions

The hopper capacity can be increased up to 1000 litres using different extensions.

Road traffic lights


The required safety in road traffic is ensured by the road traffic lights with warning boards.

Folding hopper cover

The folding hopper cover ensures the hopper contents remains dry in adverse conditions.

Spreading width limiter


Using the spreading width limiter which can easily be added, the E+S can be converted to a winter service spreader with accurately settable spreading widths from 80 to 120 cm allowing the precise application on, for example, cycle paths. In order to avoid damage on vehicles this spreading width limiter is a very useful additional requipment.

Working width reducer


The electrically operated working width reducer allows for adaptation of the working width to the operational conditions from the driver's seat.