Horsehopper mounted mower


Improved pasture hygiene

Horsehopper im Einsatz

The only effective measure for a better pasture hygiene is to collect the horse droppings  Here the AMAZONE Grasshopper has proven best. Dragging off the pasture, on the other hand, just distributes the excrements and prevailing parasites, the share of rank patches is increased.

Optimised pasture exploitation

Grasshopper Skizze

Rank patches including metre high thistles are perfectly mown and cut material and horse droppings are collected, which results in a more intense exploitation of the paddock.

The perfect tending for your paddock

Horsehopper Vertikutiermesser und Abladen

The superbly suited combination of wing- and scarifying blades allows to mow rank patches and collect horse droppings at the same time. The scarifying blades loosen the horse excrements in the turf and the wing blades collect the horse droppings and the cuttings into the hopper.
Outside the paddocks the hopper contents can simply and conveniently be discharged from the tractor cab and composted.