New: Cenius 4002-2 T as Special or Super Version

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With its folding, trailed format, the new Cenius 4002-2 T supplements the existing Cenius mulch cultivator range for use with tractors from 150 HP to 250 HP. The existing range to date includes mounted models in working widths of 3 m, 3.5 m and 4 m and a trailed version with a working width of 3 m, where the wedge ring roller serves as the running gear as well as the depth control. As on all other Cenius models, Amazone offers the 4002-2 T in a choice of a Special version with shear bolt stone protection or as a Super version with the proven 3-D spring breakaway tines.

The trailed version of the 4 m Cenius requires less lifting power from the tractor and prevents the high rear axle loads associated with lifting such an implement on the headland. Soil structure damage is thus kept to a minimum. The three row stagger arrangement of the tines, with a tine spacing of 28.5 cm, and the simple set levelling discs allow a versatile scope of operation from shallow stubble cultivation to medium soil tillage right through to top soil deep loosening and seedbed preparation.

Amazone offers different following rollers to provide either intensive crumbling or good reconsolidation, depending on the type of soil. The following bogey chassis ensures that full flexibility by being able to utilise the full roller range. The hydraulic depth adjustment, front guide wheels and the following harrow are important options for the creation of an excellent operational performance.

As an option, the drawbar mounted GreenDrill with its 500 litre hopper capacity provides sufficient seed for the important task of catch crop sowing for modern arable farming.