Groundkeeper tractor-mounted mower/collector


Superb cutting and collecting performance


With the Amazone Groundkeeper you will be able to deal with large areas that are in grass all year round. Depending on the level of equipment you choose to meet your requirements, it will mow, collect and scarify however wet the material, and irrespective of how long the area has been left for.
Its unique mowing system is as effective for use in intensive maintenance, such as for achieving a high-quality lawn finish as it is for areas that are cut just once a year.


Useful all year round


The outstanding feature of the rotor is the special, V-shaped knife arrangement which results in a reduced fuel consumption and a lower noise level.
Due to the high suction effect provided by the SmartCut rotor, the Groundkeeper can also be used for collecting already mown grass, leaves, debris, acorns, chestnuts etc..
The benefits of the SmartCut rotor, with its V-shaped knife arrangement are many in comparison with the rotor technology offered to date, where the cutting knives are arranged linearly in rows.
Because the knives, when arranged in a V-shape, do not pass the shear bar simultaneously but passing in very short intervals, one after the other, they convey the cut material better in the direction of the centre of the rotor, resulting in less lateral air turbulence and, because of this, in an additional improvement in the collecting performance.
Also the noise level is reduced by 5 dB, clearly reducing the noise level at the driver’s ear.

Excellent collecting capability


The action of the large diameter rotor creates an airflow giving the Amazone Groundkeeper excellent collecting capabilities with the rotor’s 2650 rpm speed giving first class results.


Comfortable high level discharge


The working principle of the Groundkeeper: Mowing, collecting, mulching and rolling, all in one pass.  The knives finely shred the clippings speeding up the composting process. The hopper contents can easily and comfortably be emptied and composted from the tractor cab.

Mowing and mulching


The Groundkeeper mows and collects whatever the height and moisture content of the material. Its large rotor and the fact that it is not affected by litter makes it ideal for the extensive maintenance of all green spaces such as, for example, the maintenance of wild flower meadows.
The combination of reversible mowing blades and sharpened wing cutting blades offers the well balanced combination of little wear and of excellent mowing and collecting performance. This specification is standard on all models of the Groundkeeper range.


Mowing and chopping


The Amazone Groundkeeper cuts the plant at its base, and then chops it into several pieces which are either gathered up or allowed to fall to the ground. It combines the advantages of mowing and mulching systems in a single machine that will adapt to meet your requirements when managing your green areas.

Easy dispose of thatch and moss


The AMAZONE Groundkeeper frees your lawn from thatch and even collects it in the same pass.
The soil structure can be improved and renewed by carrying out a trouble-free scarifying with the AMAZONE Groundkeeper. Scarifying blades, fitted to the rotor penetrate 1 to 2 mm into the turf, breaking up the upper earth layer, cutting off parasitic plants and thinning out the lawn surface. Lawn thatch is combed out, collected and simultaneously the soil is rolled. The combination of mowing and scarifying blades results in an especially good suction effect.

Collecting with the Groundkeeper


Thanks to its excellent collection capacity the AMAZONE Groundkeeper collects leaves, cuttings, acorns and chestnuts. Its robust rotor is insensitive to foreign objects.
A carpet of dead leaves is often a source of problems for green area management. It smothers the grass, encouraging the spread of moss and fungus.
The rotor’s high rotational speed, plus the combination of sharpened wing blades and scarifying blades make the Groundkeeper a highly efficient means of collecting, even in damp conditions.
The finely shredded clippings speed up the composting process, facilitating recycling.

HorseHopper: Well-cared for paddocks lead to healthy horses


The most effective means of  better paddock hygiene is ensuring the regular collection of all horse droppings. Raking paddocks just distributes the excrement along with any prevailing parasites and the proportion of rank patches is increased. Whereas, with the Horse-Hopper, those poorer areas, including metre high thistles, are perfectly mown and collected together with the horse droppings, allowing for a more intensive paddock use. 

The mowing deck: Versatile, robust and safe


The large diameter of the rotor prevents grass becoming caught up. The high wear-resistant qualities of the knives result in little wear. The knife system is insensitive to foreign objects as all the knives are attached separately. The knives are suspended on the rotor via special hooks. They can be turned round and replaced without tools. A high quality cutting performance is achieved over the entire working width.
All important components are quickly and easily accessible, resulting in effective maintenance ensuring a long life span at minimum expense. Cleaning and maintenance operations can be performed quickly and easily.


Stone guard plate


The stone guard plate protects the front hood of the groundkeeper from impacts of foreign particles .