Catros Pro-Pack for slurry incorporation

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The demand for Catros compact disc harrows from Amazone, especially those that are operated directly mounted onto a slurry tanker, increases. More and more farmers want to make optimum use of the valuable nitrogen source of manure and incorporate that manure directly into the soil with a soil tillage implement attached to the rear of the application tanker.

Both when used in a separate operational pass, and also as three point linkage machines following a self-propelled tanker, the Catros compact disc harrows show all their strengths, even during slurry incorporation, by enabling high acreage outputs with a low fuel consumption. In this way 20 km/h can be achieved and a superb incorporation performance is the end result.

To avoid any negative deterioration of the implement by continuous direct contact with the slurry, Amazone has developed the so-called “Pro Pack“. This pack is now offered as a special option for the mainly used models - Catros 5001-2 and Catros 6001-2.