UX 11200 trailed field sprayer


Top features

Amazone Pflanzenschutzspritze UX 11200

+ Huge tank volume, actual capacity 12,000 litres for maximum efficiency   
+ Tank design with a favourable centre of gravity for optimised in-field and on-road behaviour and giving a quick interior cleaning  
+ Single-Trail running gear or, as an option, the fully automatic DoubleTrail axle steering from choice+
+ Hydro-pneumatic, tank fill level controlled axle suspension – for comfortable and safe travel on the road
+ Optional traction assistance for up to 30% more support load on the tractor rear axle
+ Sprayer booms from 24 to 40 m in super-light, super-strong and super-compact profile design
+ Parallelogram suspension of the multi-shock damped boom
+ AmaSwitch or AmaSelect individual nozzle switching as option – for a 50 cm part-width section control  
+ Triple pump system with efficient, maintenance-friendly and self-priming piston diaphragm pumps which can be run dry
+ Standard with Comfort-Pack for automatic filling, cleaning and switchover procedures
+ Protected and centralised hose and cable routing   

The benefits thanks to ISOBUS

Amazone - Ihre Vorteile durch ISOBUS

+ All AMAZONE ISOBUS sprayers are certified to UT 2.0 in accordance with the AEF conformity test. This means that these AMAZONE machines can be operated via any terminal which is available on the market that has also been certified according to UT 2.0. In addition, with an ISOBUS compatible SectionControl licence, AMAZONE ISOBUS sprayers can be switched via a third-party ISOBUS terminal.

+ AMAZONE’s AMATRON 3, CCI 100 and AMAPAD terminals and all AMAZONE ISOBUS machines support the AUX AEF functionality. This means, that, for instance, the keys of an existing AUX-N compatible multi-function joystick can be reprogrammed to suit an individual’s needs. So, any function is there, exactly where the operator wants it to be.

Optimised for field and road

hydro-pneumatisches Fahrwerk UX 11200

In conjunction with the sprung suspended hitch drawbar, the hydro-pneumatic running gear provides perfect driving comfort. The BPW axles with level regulation as standard permanently adapt to the load status. Possible track widths of between 2 to 2.25 m, wheel diameter up to 1.95 m. 
Due to the air braking system, with integrated ALB regulation, safe road transport is ensured even at 40 km/h.

Hitch drawbar

Hitch-Deichsel UX 11200

Thanks to its high support load of 3 tons, the hitch drawbar in conjunction with the K80 ball hitch makes sure there is good traction for the tractor and a smooth running of the machine. An integrated hydraulic support jack comes as standard. 
The crossover linkage of the suspension cylinders provides a high roll stabilisation for the machine. The enclosed hydraulic system ensures always an equal load distribution to all 4 wheels.

Tank design - sleek and functional

UX 11200

The spray agent tank features are a low centre of gravity and compact dimensions. The optimised tank geometry results in minimum residual spray volumes of less than 20 litres. The smooth inner walls of the tank ensure a quick and easy cleaning.
The twin, centre of gravity neutral, fresh water tanks, with a capacity of in total 900 litres, are mounted between the mudguards.
All the controls are conveniently located at the front under a cover. The cover prevents the operator station from becoming dirty and offers a very good accessibility for quick and effective maintenance. 

SingleTrail self-steering

SingleTrail-Nachlauflenkung UX 11200

As standard the chassis is equipped with trailing self-steering rear axle providing a good driving behaviour and little track damage. For the SingleTrail self-steering system, the front axle is rigid and the second one steered and follows passively, resulting in a very good driving behaviour without “scrubbing“ the tyres. 
For reversing, the second axle has to be isolated. In road transport it should be isolated. In tight turns and slow travel, the axle can be unlocked.

Central operator station

Zentrales Bedienfeld UX 11200

All the filters, taps and control elements are positioned to be very accessible on the left hand side, and besides their easy and practical operation, they shine through with their special maintenance-free qualities. All the control elements are located conveniently centralised at the front under a cover. The LED lighting underneath the cover perfectly illuminates the work station.


High-capacity pumps

Leistungsstarke Pumpe UX 11200

The multi-cylinder equipped piston diaphragm pumps provide at the same time a higher suction capacity for the injector via the 4” suction port (900 l/min) and hence a more even transfer and a smoother run of the pump. The three compact pumps, with a total output of 750 l/min, have an extremely long lifespan, will run dry and are also liquid fertiliser-proof. As an alternative to the standard PTO drive, the UX 11200 can also be equipped with hydraulic pump drive where the pumps are driven completely independently from the tractor’s engine revs.
An additional practical advantage is its maintenance-friendly position and easy accessibility on the drawbar.
Changing the diaphragms is possible without dismounting the pumps. The standard 3" bowser fill port for pressure filling guarantees, with its reduced filling times, high efficiency.

Intelligent, hydraulic pump drive

Intelligenter, hydraulischer Pumpenantrieb

For the pump drive, boom hydraulics and the DoubleTrail steering, with the proviso that a Load-Sensing system is necessary on the tractor, all the functions can be operated especially comfortably via an ISOBUS terminal. The positive benefit also is the automatic setting of the pump Speed with regard to each operational situation.
When operating in the field, the pump runs at a gentle 480 rpm; sufficient capacity for the agitation and normal application rates. Whilst travelling on the road, the pump speed is automatically reduced to 400 rpm as the only demand is for a supply to the agitation. When filling via the suction hose, then the full pump capacity is provided by increasing the speed to 540 rpm. All the values are pre-selected once by the user but it is also possible to change them at any time. The system relieves the stress on the operator and provides
a particularly sensitive connection to the pump and the diaphragms

Induction bowl and power injector

Powdery substances and large quantities of urea are dissolved quickly and safely by the induction bowl with the rinse ring and additional nozzle, and simultaneously inducted by the power injector. The extraction and cleaning from large containers can be greatly simplified by using the Ecofill connection.

Canister flushing with the induction bowl

Kanisterspülen mit dem Einspülbehälter UX 11200

To ensure unproblematic cleaning of the spray agent canisters and to fully utilise its full contents, the canister is flushed using the rotary nozzle. Of course, the enclosed induction bowl can also be flushed for self -cleaning. The induction bowl when closed is dust-proof. No dirt enters the system and no liquid escapes.

Infinitely variable, hydraulic agitation intensity

Stufenloses, hydraulisches Intensiv-Rührwerk

The intensity of the hydraulic agitation can, steplessly, be reduced down to nothing in order to avoid any foaming of the crop protection agent or to facilitate spraying out the remaining tank contents.
On AMAZONE crop protection sprayers the un-sprayed plant protection agent is delivered back via the return flow into the suction system. In this way any unintended agitation of the spray liquid via the return flow is prevented.

Cleaning equipment for both inside and outside

Reinigungseinrichtungen für Innen und Außen

Three powerful rotating nozzles clean the spray agent tank. Short pipe runs and the smallest cross sectional areas ensure minimal residues.
With the spray lance of the exterior wash down kit the outside of the crop protection sprayer can be thoroughly cleaned after use whilst still in the field.

Super-L2 booms

AMAZONE Gestänge in Profilbauweise, UX 11200

Superbly narrow transport width of just 2.40 m on all three-fold Super-L2 booms with working widths of 21, 24, 27 and 28 m. Amazing transport width of only 2.60 m on all four-fold Super-L2 booms with working widths of 27, 28, 30, 32, 33, 36, 39 and 40 m (UX 6200: 2.80m).
The Super-L2 boom is automatically folded fully in or out via oversized hydraulic rams. The folded in booms are positioned down the sides of the tank. The boom is fixed safely, without movement, on the transport locking device with any shock loads being absorbed via the parallelogram suspension even in the transport position. The multiplefolded steel profiles of up to 220 mm make the Super-L2 boom superbly robust.








AMAZONE booms - an idea gets its way

Drive safely!
The visibility in road transport is exemplary. Anywhere the tractor can go, the sprayer with its narrow booms goes as well. No protruding parts, no boom damage, minimal transport width.

Everything shipshape!
The boom locates safely in the transport hooks. No rattling. No wear susceptible boom thar rests on the tractor. Travelling fast is not a problem.

Clean working!
No spray agent from the booms drips on to the tractor or on the operator station and the booms also do not hit the tractor cab.



As standard the Super-L2 booms are equipped with:

Amazone Anhängefeldspritze UX, Aufhängung Super-L-Gestänge

+ an over-long central pendulum for the parallel guidance of larger booms,
+ combined spring and damping elements for shock absorbed suspension to damp down the vertical roll movements,
+ a large dimensioned integrated damping System consisting of brake plates and buffer blocks to damp down horizontal yaw movements and
+ spring plates to damp down movement in direction of travel (only four-fold booms).

AMAZONE aircraft-style boom design

Amazone Anhängefeldspritze UX, Gestänge in Transportstellung

+ No spray agent from the booms drips on to the tractor. The booms also do not hit the tractor cab.

+ Everything shipshape: The boom is located safely without movement in its transport position. The parallelogram suspension dampens shock loads in the field as well as in the transport position. This is pure convenience and, above all, ensures the long service life of the boom.

+ Focussing on the substance: the road in front of you.
You can concentrate entirely on driving. The visibility in road transport is exemplary. Where the tractor can get through then the trailed sprayer can also pass. No protruding parts, no boom damage. 50 km/h no problem!

Stainless (VA) steel hydraulic fittings


The hydraulic fittings made from stainless steel ensure a long lifespan and a high resale value.

The benefits thanks to ISOBUS

Amazone ISOBUS-Terminals für Feldspritzen

+ AMAZONE ISOBUS Sprayers are UT 2.0 certified and as such can be operated via any ISOBUS terminal with UT 2.0.
+ All AMAZONE ISOBUS terminals and job computers support the AUX standard enabling the keys to be assigned on any AUS-N compatible multi-function joystick.
+ AMAZONE ISOBUS sprayers can be accessed with any ISOBUS compatible SectionControl licence.

Special characteristics of AMAZONE ISOBUS sprayers:
+ Up to three user profiles and individual interfaces for different drivers can be created.
+ The operation menu can be optimally matched to the differeing numbers of keys on other ISOBUS terminals.
+ Any machine function can be freely positioned in the menu set-up.
+ Complete documentation via TaskController (ISO-XML). As an alternative to documentation via TaskController, the simple recording of field data (worked area, required time and applied rate) is possible. The recorded data can then be captured as a screen shot and then exported via a USB stick.

Comfort-Pack for ISOBUS terminals

Comfort-Paket für AMATRON+

The AMAZONE Comfort Pack controls the most important functions of the liquid system.

- Automatic fill stop
- Regulation of the agitation plus agitator switch off for the UX Super
- Agitator Switch off for the UX Special
- Automatic in-cab remote cleaning

The intensity of the hydraulic agitator is, depending on the fill level, reduced until completely shut off to prevent foaming of the crop protection agent or to minimise the residual spray volumes. On AMAZONE crop protection sprayers the un-sprayed plant protection agent is delivered back via the return flow into the suction system. In this way, any unintended dilution of the spray agent is prevented.
500 l/min agitation capacity is available to achieve a perfect result even with difficult tank mixes and high concentrations. The seven sequentially switched internal cleaning nozzles provide the best cleaning job inside the tank. The Comfort-Pack automatically ensures that the agitation will be rinsed.
Minute final residual volumes of less than 20 litres and the large fresh water contents ensure a very effective cleaning procedure whilst still in the field.



Less drift also at higher wind speeds

Weniger Abdrift auch bei höheren Windgeschwindigkeiten

With the air-assisted injector nozzles, crop protection agents can be applied with very little drift. They are
universally usable in all crops and all classifications. Because of the coarse droplet application, these nozzles can also be used in higher wind speeds. Nozzle protection tubes on the outer sections, or, if desired, over the entire boom working width, ensure protection of the nozzles.
AMAZONE offers the agricultural sector a wide range of nozzles from agrotop, Lechler and TeeJet.

Single and multiple nozzle bodies

Amazone Pflanzenschutzspritze UX, Einfach- und Mehrfach-Düsenkörper

The nozzle bodies with integrated diaphragm non-return anti-drip valves fit up into the boom profiles reliably preventing any dripping at the nozzle. Self-adjusting bayonet fixings ensure a tool-less quick nozzle change. The triple or quad  nozzle bodies are suited to frequent nozzle changes due to different applications and crops. Nozzle protection tubes, as standard on the outer sections, or, if desired, over the entire boom working width, ensures protection for long injector nozzles and multiple nozzle bodies.

Injector nozzles (ID, TTI) have a relatively coarse droplet spectrum and are particularly versatile with regard to their field of application. A pressure range of 2 to 8 bar is possible.

If coverage quality is at the foreground of the application, the use of standard or anti-drift fine droplet nozzles, such as XR or AD, is recommended. Special care is required here due to the tendency to drift above 3 bar.

A good compromise is provided by the modern ID-K or Airmix compact injector nozzles. These have relatively little drift, but do not have too coarse a droplet spectrum and are operated at 2 to 4 bar.

When it comes to special coverage qualities the double flat fan nozzle is an interesting alternative. The AVI Twin from agrotop also produces droplets that are not too fine.

The split spray pattern ensures a more even deposit on the front and back of the plant and and is an interesting alternative in many applications.

For speeds greater than 10 km /h, the TD HiSpeed nozzle with its asymmetrical spraying angle is becoming a new industry trend.

Several reasons for the use of a bigger tank in chemical application

Bigger distances from the yard to the field
– Especially in arable farming regions with medium to large sized fields, farms of reasonable acreages have emerged (500 – 1,200 ha), however with big distances from yard to field.
– This also applies to professional potato farms which often plant 150 to 300 ha in rented areas, widely distributed, and with only a few employees. Here, the large amounts of water and spray agent necessary make field edge logistics almost impossible.

Few employees
– The personnel development of many farms result in fewer, however clearly  higher qualified employees.
So, today, much work is done by one man operations, so there is no one available who could reduce waiting times by backing up the field edge logistics.
– Also when filling the sprayer, qualified employees are required in order to ensure the correct tank mix. The bigger the tank volumes are, the less qualified employees are needed.

Trend to fill back in the yard
– Many farms are no longer able to fulfil field edge logistics and/or do not want to handle the crop protection agents “field side” any more.
– Even if field edge filling in theory and practice results in better efficiency than filling in the yard suggests, the cost side clearly leads in the other direction. Whereas in former times on large farms, the small husbandry tractor with its old water tank were available, today the investment cost for a tractor and appropriate bowser with lockable storage compartments are clearly higher.

Environmentally-sound filling
– In the EU, increasing importance is attached to a well organised filling place with suitable collection and  safety measures.
– The vicinity of spray store, the filling and disposal, is getting more and more crucial for the farm documentation.
– Especially in densely populated or tourist regions, public accessibility to crop protection agents is very unwelcome.

Large machinery also in plant protection
– Today, working widths of 30 m and more plus oversized, higher tyres are common. Larger machinery with modern tyres can be operated with little pressure so that compaction damage is not as big as with single axle implements.
- In regions with a continental climate (e.g. Russia) plant protection is often carried out only in the spring season, because due to the early and cold winter, crop protection measures are not necessary in autumn. Under these conditions a big tractor (> 250 HP) can pull the sprayer in the spring season and after harvest it can be used for soil tillage. This organisation leads to the maximum tractor hours per year and thus to economically optimum results.