Amazone now officially is a Selected Location 2012

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With the BoniRob field robot, Amazonen-Werke in Hasbergen-Gaste has now been awarded “Selected Location 2012” in the competition “365 locations in the land of ideas”. The autonomous BoniRob field robot is able to assess hundreds of plants with great accuracy but with, of course, simply no fatigue yet the ability to store any of their properties and details such as to their appearance. The robot, designed by an interdisciplinary team from Osnabrück University, the Robert Bosch company and Amazonen-Werke is even able to detect individual maize plants – an innovation in the field trial test research which clearly speeds up the work of plant breeders. The robot was designed so that, with a slightly adjusted module, it can also be used for recording the properties of plants during their biological vegetative growth.

The competition “365 locations in the land of ideas“ has been held since 2006 by the Location Initiative “Germany – land of ideas“ in co-operation with the Deutsche Bank. Every year the initiative awards 365 outstanding projects which follow creative paths to the successful realisation of ideas and which, with these innovations, make a sustainable contribution to the future capability of Germany. From a total of more than 2,000 entries, the prize winners for 2012 have been selected by an expert jury.

The official presentation and awards ceremony was held at Amazone during the course of the “Amatechnica 2012 “ field day, to which thousands of farmers and agricultural contractors from all over Germany and its neighbouring countries attended in Hasbergen-Gaste. In the Active Centre Ralf Blom, director of the Deutsche Bank, Osnabrück, presented the award “Selected Location 2012“ to Dr. Justus Dreyer, one of the two Amazone directors and to Dr. Florian Rahe from Amazone’s design department. “Hidden behind the ‘Selected location 2012’ initiative stand ideas that inspire – from people showing genuine commitment. They represent progress and a future for Germany“, Ralf Blom explained the dedication of the Deutsche Bank for the Location Initiative “Germany – land of ideas”. With regard to the field robot, Blom explained “BoniRob resulted from the creative teamwork of science and business, a promising new technology for agriculture. Therefore, the field robot is at the same time a living example of successful processes in innovation.“ 

Dr. Justus Dreyer commented of the award ”We are very proud to be, together with our project partners, a ’Selected location in the land of ideas’. As a specialist in ’Intelligent crop production’ for us, BoniRob, is now also a basis for the use of independent robotic systems within precision agriculture. Above all, we are happy to receive this award because it shows that we make a sustainable contribution to Germany’s future capability. Needless to say that this is an additional incentive for us to work more intensively on the agricultural technology of the future.“