FertiliserService App now also for Android Smartphones

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FertiliserService from Amazone is a very useful App, especially for farming practice, enabling owners of Amazone fertiliser spreaders to directly access the correct settings for their machine in the field. After the initial success of this App with more than 5.000 users of iPhones and iPads, it is now also available in German, English and French language via the Google operating system and it can be downloaded, free of charge, via the Android marketplace (

The use of the App is very simple: after downloading the setting charts for all spreaders, the settings are then available offline on the Smartphone with it being possible to  regularly synchronise with the database. To adjust the fertiliser spreader, the user selects the actual brand of fertiliser from a list, enters the application rate, the forward speed and the working width and will then immediately be able to read off all the necessary setting values for his spreader. In case of a simultaneous online connection, a picture of the relevant fertiliser is also displayed.