Improving visibility with the aid of cameras and monitors

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Front and rear implements on tractors, either mounted or trailed, often obstruct the view of the driver, both on the move and when manoeuvring. Here, camera systems can help solve this problem and reduce the potential risks from handling machinery. With this in mind, Amazone now offers, as optional equipment for its FT 1001 front tank for sprayers, FPS/FRS front tanks for sowing and numerous other implements from the ranges of plant protection, fertilising and sowing technology equipment, a camera system from Brigade.

The camera system is characterised by the use of high quality components. This applies, not only to the cameras fitted on the outside, which have to withstand the environmental impact and harsh agricultural conditions including washing, but also to the monitor and cable connections. So, the BE-800C camera, which is supported by an active infrared LED, is water and dust proof (IP68) and heated. For optimum safety and the best image results, Amazone have selected optimum mounting positions. The high resolution and anti-glare 7 inch VBV-770FM monitor features an ambient light sensor. Apart from a full screen image it can be divided to show several cameras simultaneously.
Amazone has equipped the system with practical, weather-proof plug connections located in the implement mounting area. Simply couple up the implement and connect the camera plug connectors at the same time and the system is ready for use. The monitor and base equipment can remain in the tractor and can be simultaneously used for several systems. 
Also of importance is the response time of the cameras from bright light to dark or vice versa and the suitability for operation in rain, dawn and twilight. For this purpose, the Amazone system also provides the widest of operational times!

It has to be noted that the use of the camera does not absolve the driver from his additional duties of care. So, for instance, in accordance with the local traffic regulations in some countries, an escort is still required when driving with front mounted implements out of dangerous yard exits, road junctions or crossings, etc.