'New Amazons' for the country

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Now they are omnipresent – the new “Amazons from Amazone“. In adverts, videos, banners and on the Amazone internet pages, two young ladies smile out at the viewer, charmingly representing the ever-fresh traditional Amazone brand with its agricultural and municipal technology.
These new Amazons are the winners of the”Amazone searches Amazons“ competition advertised in mid-2011 where more than 300 young ladies submitted an application. From an initial casting and a photo shoot the jury then produced a short-list, from which, in the final shoot-off, Camilla from Berlin and Mareike from Georgsmarienhütte outdid the competition to win the battle for the title Amazons 2012.
 “I am an open-minded, full of life, self-assured young woman“, Camilla wrote in her application. And Amazone saw this statement proven in every way by her attitude at the photo shoots. And regarding the new Amazons, Mareike, the jury said: “with Mareike, the overall image was just simply right“. The results of these shoots with photographer, Manfred Pollert can, meanwhile, be admired across most of the Amazone media where film and photographic impressions of the shoots can be looked at via
The result of this first “Amazone searches Amazons“ campaign is very positive, in fact, at the start of the campaign, nobody expected such a huge crowd of qualified applicants. And, therefore, with this in mind, there is already no doubt that this has not been the last “Amazone searches Amazons” casting.