Partnership Amazone and Topcon

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At the AGRITECHNICA 2011 Amazone and Topcon will officially announce their strategical partnership. Topcon as the expert for agricultural electronics, especially at GPS applications, such as steering systems and part-width section controls and Amazone as supplier of a complete range of professional arable farming solutions complement one another. The user benefits from the optimally matched, innovative products with maximum range of services and highest precision.  

One first objective was the mutual development of the practical relevance contents for an ISOBUS operator terminal as a high quality precision farming console. From this cooperation derives the new ISOBUS terminal AMAPAD which Amazone will introduce for the first time to a broad public at the Agritechnica 2011. 

Another result of the cooperation between Amazone and Topcon is the automatic steering for the Pantera self propelled machine. The system composes of the hydraulic kit developed by Amazone especially for the Pantera and the steering system 150 from Messrs. Topcon. 

All components of the automatic steering are optimally matched. The activation of the automatic steering is integrated in the Pantera. Of course, the system is also connected with GPS-Switch. Automatic steering and automatic part width section control complement each other at highest precision.