Five silver medals at Agritechnica

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In the run-up to Agritechnica 2011, the Innovations Commission has simultaneously awarded five Amazone innovations with silver medals. This result shows that, yet again, Amazone is amongst the most innovative businesses in the farm machinery industry. For detailed information about the Amazone Innovations that have beeen awarded a medal and all the other Amazone novelties, Amazone has launched a micro website in German and English language. The website can be found at
All the Innovations are based on efficiency improvement systems that relieve stress on the operator and also serve to further improve the protection of the environment. So the Application WindControl (according to Prof. Dr. Karl Wild, HTW Dresden), designed for Amazone’s new Amapad operating terminal, was recognised as an Innovation, which can be used for balancing out the wind influence when using centrifugal fertiliser broadcasters. Thanks to WindControl, the areas covered, even in difficult wind conditions, are fertilised with an optimal lateral distribution that leads to the crop remaining standing better and thus higher profits.
The second Innovation is awarded to what is known as HeadlandControl. This is another Application for the Amapad operating terminal. “HeadlandControl" that makes possible an optimised fertiliser application when used in conjunction with a centrifugal fertiliser broadcaster in the areas around field borders, especially on the headland. The system consists of an automatically changeable, disc-integrated, border spreading device coupled with spreader-orientated software for the controller.
Also the new applications, AcuraSpray, SmartRefill and WorkToZero received a silver medal. This terminal software for plant protection sprayers optimises the re-fill times and minimises, at the same time, the residual spray volumes left after the last application before undergoing a change of chemical.
The BoomWash Innovation was recognised as being the first external cleaning system that can be remotely controlled from the tractor seat for booms on a plant protection sprayer. The system consists of a moving sledge fitted with wash nozzles, that cleans the outsides of the sprayer boom in the field during the folding-in process.
The 5th Amazone Innovation to be recognised is “Toni"  (Telematics on Implement) and is a joint development between Claas Agrosystems, Amazone and five other machinery manufacturers. Toni makes possible an immediate application data transfer, via ISOBUS, between the tractor, with its attached machine, and the office. At the same time, Toni serves as a long-distance diagnostics system for analysis, evaluation, adjustment optimisation plus the documentation of each task carried out by the tractor and attached implement.