New: Citan solo seed drill in 6 m working width

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Amazone now has expanded its solo seed drill range with a machine in 6 m working width and 3,000 l grain tank capacity, the Citan 6000. The Citan, which has been available so far only in working widths of 8, 9 and 12 m makes sense for farms that work using a split sowing system. In split sowing procedures, the soil tillage is carried out initially as an individual operation prior to sowing with a solo drill and – thanks to forward speeds of up to 20 km/h – it enables extremely high work rates to ensure exactly the optimum sowing date.

As a rough rule of thumb, work rates for the Citan are approximately one hectare per hour per metre of working width. At the same time, fuel consumption is around only 2.8 litres/ha (measured independently at the DLG test centre) and a pulling power requirement of about 25 hp per metre working width but, in spite of the high operational speeds, the quality of seed placement is excellent. The RoTeC+ Control coulters on the Citan, which offer a coulter pressure of up to 55 kg, and with the new Control 25 depth guidance rollers, ensure a very smooth coulter run due to their extremely accurate depth limiting action. For optimum seed embedment, either the Exact harrow or Roller harrow are available, the latter with adjustable pressure intensity.

The advantages of a split sowing system become immediately obvious in crop rotations where there is an increasing proportion of winter wheat, and/or rape, resulting in more restricted time windows. This also applies for sowing spring cereals. With the increasing caprices of the weather in mind, solo sowing can also help to preserve soil moisture whereas, on the other hand, it offers the possibility during a wet autumn season of sowing successfully with a light, high-output machine. In addition, solo seed drills are superbly suited to sowing catch crops where, in these cases, they work more cost effectively than a sowing combination but, at the same time, more precisely than spreader solutions mounted on top of a soil tillage implement.