New AD-P Special with AMADRILL+ in-cab terminal

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Offered exclusively for the new  AD-P Special 750 and 1250 pneumatic drill ranges is a new electric drive metering system to work in conjunction with the AMADRILL+ in-cab operator terminal. During operation, AMADRILL+ looks after the monitoring of the all-important drill functions plus the inclusion of a hectare meter and gives the operator the chance, from the comfort of the tractor seat, to control all those other additional functions such as, the counting on of the tramline rhythm and the actuation of the pre-emergence markers. In addition the seed rates can be adjusted on the move in randomly chosen increments.

Perhaps more importantly though is the automation of the calibration process and, for contractors, the ability to programme in other rhythms for different customer’s tramline width requirements. The drive wheel, mounted to the rear of the machine, is only necessary for the combination of electric metering drive and AMADRILL+, provides a reliable recording of the distance travelled. This land wheel only provides a drive to the metering system for machines with mechanical metering.

The two new AD-P Special pneumatic drill ranges differ in their respective hopper capacities of either 750 or 1250 litres and both can now be equipped with the new RoTeC Control single disc coulter system and the new Roller harrow. The Wedge ring roller, RoTeC Control coulters and either the Exact or Roller harrow are coordinated into the RDS Roller-Drill-System for improved planting depth control and increased seed embedment. They also come with a choice of either 12.5 or 16.6 cm row spacing.