ZA-X Perfect Centrifugal broadcaster


ZA-X Perfect - benefits of standard features

Amazone ZA-X Perfect Serienvorteile

• Square, compact hopper with capacities from 500 to 1750 litres.
• Steep hopper walls, yet with a low filling height from 91 cm.
• Easy attachment to the tractor, spreader always sits level and at the same mounting height.
• 1 pair of "Omnia-Set“ spreading discs with very easily adjustable spreading vanes for normal spreading, late top Dressing and border spreading - no tools required.
• Accurate spread pattern with working widths from 10 to 18 m, Urea safe up to 15 m.
• Comprehensive setting chart for all kinds of fertilisers, seeds, slug pellets, etc.
• Spreading discs, spreading vanes, deflector plate and all important paarts made from stainless steel.
• Guard tube for additional safety.
• Tele-Quick precision border spreading vane (as option available for ZA-XW 502).
• 720 r.p.m. disc speed provides gentle fertiliser treatment.
• Very easily adjustable, robust rate setting with clear scales.
• Hydraulic individual shutter remote control for right and left hand side with 2-way valve.
• Disengageable agitator heads, e.g. for Urea or for prolonged half side spreading.
• Swivel blades for late top Dressing, no Need for a disadvantageous tilting the complete spreader.
• Twin hopper with visual check of the metering apertures.
• Shear bolt protection against PTO shaft overload.
• Excellent value for money.

Spread rate adjustment

ZA-X Perfect Mengeneinstellung

The spread rate adjustment with its two individual setting shutter slides is located well out of the "dirt range" meaning that they are neither splashed from the tractor wheels or with fertiliser dust from the spreading discs. In this way the machine remains clean and easy to operate. The pointers are arranged on a large, clear scale so that different rate settings such as border spreading are immediately obvious.

Omnia-Set-spreading discs


The Omnia-Set spreading discs with swivelable spreading vanes provide a particularly precise spread pattern. With the aid of the setting scale the spreading vanes can be accurately and unmistakably set. The wide, flat trajectory spread pattern is insensitive to both side wind and varying fertiliser properties whereas, for late top dressing, the blade ends are simply swivelled upwards without the need for any tools.

Twin hopper


A twin hopper; that means automatic monitoring. If one side empties quicker than the other it can immediately be checked whether a foreign obstacle is blocking the opening or whether the levers are evenly positioned on the stops. The twin hopper design gives optimised steep hopper walls which guarantee – unlike single tip hoppers – a very constant fertiliser flow, even on slopes or with very little fertiliser left.

Hydraulic individual shutter slide remote control


The standard hydraulically actuated independent shutter remote control for either both or individual right hand and left hand side control enables the comfortable operation of the spreader. One side shut-off means half side spreading, e.g. awkward fields and for half side border spreading using the border spread deflector. The 2-way valve enables this flexibility even on tractors with only one hydraulic valve.

High capacity agitators


High capacity agitators feed the fertiliser evenly onto the Omnia-Set spreading discs. The fertiliser is gently and evenly delivered to the shutter apertures and the hopper tips are well emptied.

Agitator head

Amazone ZA-X Rührkopf

For normal fertiliser the agitator ensures an even flow of fertiliser to the discs. At sensitive fertilisers, the large agitator finger can be removed (R-Clip) and the reduced agitation still ensures an even and reliable metering. When half side spreading with pressure sensitive fertiliser the entire agitator head can be disengaged (lynch pin, stainless steel). This solution has proven best in practice.

Filling sieve against foreign particles

Sieb gegen Fremdkörper

The folding lockable sieve is fitted as standard to prevent foreign particles getting into the shutter apertures and is particularly useful where fertiliser is stored and loaded in bulk, e. g. with a front loader. This ensures that stones and clods of earth are kept out. The sieve is foldable at the models ZA-X Perfect 902 and 1402. At smaller hopper sizes it is bolted.

Tele-Quick border spreading vane

Grenzstreuschaufel Tele-Quick

The standard Tele-Quick vane for border and side spreading (as option available for ZA-XW 502)  is taken out of the storage pocket and exchanged for the normal long spreading vane without any tools. There is no quicker and simpler way.

High quality multi-layer laquer finish


1 - Steel plate
2 - Zinc phosphate treatment (crystalline layer)
3 – KTL primer coat
4 – Finishing top coat


ZA-TS Duengeservice

Only when properly spread is your fertiliser worth its weight in gold.
The FertiliserService from AMAZONE enables an economical and environmentally friendly use of fertiliser. For more than 25 years test results of fertilisers from Germany and abroad, determined in the AMAZONE test hall, are stored in a computer database. It is not only the spread patterns and setting values which are recorded for these tested fertilisers but, in addition, the physical material characteristics which are also important for the lateral distribution. So, very comprehensive data is available enabling us to offer advice to all AMAZONE customers, who have unknown fertilisers and new fertiliser products, free of charge. 

We critically evaluate your fertiliser 
The best possibility to determine the setting values for fertiliser spreaders is by calibration in the test hall. However, it is not always possible to send us the required amount of fertiliser and so, for this reason, AMAZONE has developed a reliable laboratory test enabling us to test just a five kilo fertiliser sample and to pass on the setting recommendations to the customer based on our experience and the collected information.

FertiliserService with modern test hall

ZA-TS Streuhalle

For research, development and series support, an even more modern fertiliser test hall is now available. Here the AMAZONE FertiliserService works closely together with all major spreading material manufacturers – and this is world wide – to be able to provide you as quickly as possible with the best setting recommendations.
With the new on-line weigh cell system, it is now possible not only to analyse every spread test with regard to the lateral distribution, but also to the spatial distribution. This is of big benefit in the new development of fertiliser spreaders. But also in fine-tuning of automatic switching Systems (GPS Switch) this Information is also required.
In its selection of the measuring system, AMAZONE has relied on new innovative technology. The fertiliser spreaders are positioned on a revolving platform which spins around its vertical axle. With this measuring system, all imaginable working widths can be determined.


FertiliserService App for Android Smartphones or iOS equipment

Amazone DüngeService App für Android Smartphones oder iOS-Geräte

Our FertiliserService App has been downloaded more than 50,000 times.

Safety regulations for fertiliser spreaders

Schutzbügel für Düngerstreuer ab 2009

So as to comply with current legislation, all disc fertiliser spreaders for delivery into the European Community must be equipped with a guard tube. This guideline is binding for all manufacturers of disc fertiliser spreaders and AMAZONE delivers the spreaders accordingly.  AMAZONE offers the appropriate retrofit kits for the ZA-M and ZA-X Perfect fertiliser spreaders. Also new is the need to ensure that the shutter slides are locked in the closed position during road transport: AMAZONE meets this demand, for instance on the ZA-M, with double acting rams on the shutter slides or for the ZA-X via the two way valve.