Amazone introduces its first plant protection self propelled machine

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With the Pantera 4001, Amazone will introduce its new self-propelled plant protection sprayer to the market in December 2010 and, not only is the plant protection technology in-house, but the running gear also originates from its own production line. With its compact dimensions, being only 8.40 m long, 3.80 m high and just 2.75 m wide, the new 200 HP flagship of the Amazone plant protection range goes to extraordinary lengths to impress.
The highlight up-front is the new Comfort cab making work easier and more comfortable for the driver and, mounted behind the cab, the combination of 4,000 litre spraying tank and Super L-boom in working widths of up to 40 metres; enable outputs of more than 20 hectares/hour in good field conditions to be achieved.
This technology can be put to good use, not only on large farms, but also with contractors and machinery rings. With the self-propelled sprayer being equipped with all the same environment-friendly crop protection technology as the mounted and trailed crop protection sprayers from Amazone, the Pantera firmly places the Amazone crop protection machinery programme in the premier league.
Amazone acknowledges the fact, that with the Pantera, it is not only the plant protection technology that is fabricated in-house, but the carrying vehicle originates also from its own production and so this represents a major milestone in the company's history. With the preceding models; the SF and SX, the carrying chassis was still built by the Dutch manufacturer Agrifac and so Amazone have used the opportunity of bringing the total production in-house, to rework the concept of the self propelled technology, equipping it with the most up-to-date running gear and operational and plant protection technologies available. This makes the Pantera at the forefront of the international self-propelled sprayer market.
But beyond the striking cab design, the name analogy to the panther did not arise accidently; in fact this member of the wildcat family, which is said to be especially quick, lithe and intelligent, was also the inspiration for a vast number of technical innovations.
As for being especially quick, the Pantera, being equipped for "SPEED SPRAYING” means it works fast; up to 20 km/h in the field and, on the road, can travel at speeds of up to 40 km/h. The machine turns out to be lithe, thanks to the active hydro-pneumatic suspension on the tandem chassis and the 4-wheel steering and the ground clearance of 1.1 m. Intelligent because of its fuel efficient drive concept for minimised fuel consumption, the active suspension management of the chassis and the step-less, automatic track width adjustment. Furthermore, also intelligent on the electronics side, with features in the revolutionised operational concept on the new terminals AMADRIVE and AMATRON 3 as well as in the overall specification for the professional and environmentally friendly application of plant protection agents. 
For its introduction into the market, Amazone will initially build the Pantera in small numbers, whereas from 2011, the company will extend production, depending on market development, to a noticeably higher quantity. Medium-term objective is the production of 100 + self propelled sprayers per year. With the possibility, in the future, of being able to deliver self-propelled sprayers in considerably higher volumes than before, Amazone intends to respond even more positively to the varying demands of the international sprayer market, which will also serve to secure the jobs within the company.

The Pantera 4001 innovations in an overview:

Ultra-modern engine and drive management
·  Intelligent engine management in ECO Mode for minimised fuel consumption on the road and in the field
·  Demand-oriented control of the cooling radiator fans
·  Electronic traction control on each individual wheel
·  Effective hydrostatic dual circuit braking on the drive lever

Intelligence in the chassis
·  Intelligent, active suspension management, depending on the driving situation
·  Step-less, automatic track width adjustment
·  Forward-speed related steering angle limitation on the 4-wheel steer system
·  Headland management system for steering and booms
·  Control of the crab steering via the multi-function joystick

 New total design
·  Proven longitudinal tandem chassis with fill-level regulated, hydro-pneumatic suspension
·  New positioning of the cooling radiators at the side of the cab
·  New design with grey paintwork and lateral covers
·  9.2 to 10 t unladen weight with a 200 HP Deutz engine gives an extremely favourable power to weight ratio  

 Intelligent handling
·  AMADRIVE touch screen colour in-cab terminal for operation of the vehicle
·  AMATRON 3 with GPS-Switch and GPS-Track for operation of the sprayer
·  Armrest with all the operational controls in easy reach at the seat side
·  Multi-function joystick doubles as the integrated vehicle drive lever and also controls the spraying functions
·  Spray pump speed is infinitely adjustable

Best view and highest safety
·  Comprehensive work lighting in the cab roof, on the booms and all around the operator station 
·  Air circuit braking system for maximum safety
·  Automatic activation of the parking brake when engine is switched off
·  "Coming-Home" function: the work lights are switched on when the machine is parked up in the dark 

More in-cab comfort
·  New cab with more glass area for improved vision and exemplary noise reduction
·  Door mirrors are electrically adjustable and heated
·  Hands-free Bluetooth phone system in the CD radio
·  Large cool box, and with optional  heated and air-cooled comfort seat

 Professional plant protection technology
·  Super L-booms up to 40 m: Superbly light and superbly strong with Distance-Control
·  Operator centre operator and environmentally friendly with Comfort-Pack
 · New storage boxes for the suction hose, nozzles and clothing, etc underneath the cab

Pantera Rollout

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