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Amazone extends its EDX precision air seeder programme with three new mounted machines. Five high performance models to suit all applications are now available in total.

EDX 6000-2, EDX 6000-2C and EDX 6000-2FC are the three new EDX precision air seeders now added to the range; all of which are three point linkage mounted and all in 6 m working width. They have been designed for seasonal outputs from 400 to 700 ha and are also suitable for operation in smaller sized and awkward shaped fields, whereas the trailed EDX 9000-TC and EDX 6000-TC precision air seeders, in 9 m or 6 m working width, that were previously introduced to the market in 2007 and 2009 respectively are suited more to larger sized fields. The EDX 9000-TC, for example, capable of achieving seasonal outputs up to 1,500 ha and the EDX 6000-TC up to 900 ha.

Amazone explains the technology behind the EDX as the new, top class performer which, on the one hand with the new Xpress grain singling and placement system enables operational speeds of up to 15 km/h and on the other, additional technical innovations that help noticeably to reduce the setup and non-productive times. Thus, in comparison, the EDX system manages work rates of about 30 to 50 % higher than a conventional precision air seeder whilst maintaining the placement quality. Experience in practice shows that, for example, with the big EDX 9000-TC, outputs of 1,100 ha in 10 days are possible.

The range of application for the EDX programme applies equally to sowing maize, sunflowers and rape no matter whether following conventional or conservation soil tillage, such as mulch sowing. Besides the standard execution with a 75 cm row spacing, specifications with a narrower row spacing are available to meet the actual conditions laid out in the Erosion Prevention Decree (which dictates a row spacing of less than 45 cm) or where crop production systems specify sowing narrower. Tramline control is also available where relevant.

The new mounted machines in detail
All the new mounted machines have been designed for specific applications. So Amazone offers the EDX 6000-2 for sowing without under-root fertilisation, the EDX 6000-2C with rear-mounted fertiliser hopper for sowing maize with under-root fertilisation or the EDX 6000-2FC with front mounted fertiliser hopper.

Even the EDX 6000-2C, with its compact design and integrated fertiliser hopper can be equipped with row spacings of 70, 75 or 80 cm and has all the functions closely grouped together at the rear of the tractor. The integrated hopper contains almost 1,100 l of fertiliser and the centralised seed hopper 360 l. The front mounted fertiliser hopper for the EDX 6000-2FC acts as ballast on the front of the tractor allowing the machine to be also equipped for narrow sowing without any problem and is available with row spacings of 37.5 cm, 44.9 cm (45 cm), 50 cm or 55 cm. Here the centralised seed hopper has a capacity of 400 l and the front fertiliser hopper, which is available from choice, either with a front mounting frame or carried on a front tyre packer, is capable of holding 1,500 l or 2,000 l when using an extension. According to experience from practice, the output of the new mounted machines is about 4 ha/hr.

How does the Xpress grain singling and placement system function?
With the Xpress grain singling and placement system the singling is no longer carried out separately for each row but via an air pressure system and one or two central singling drums. After the singling process, the seeds are then "shot" through a tube into a separate placement zone, the so-called Xpress “catcher” system with furrow former and catcher roller. Behind the two leading cutting discs, the furrow former makes a rectangular shaped profile furrow. The following catcher roller covers right up to the edges of the furrow so that the seeds cannot roll out of position but are safely caught and pressed into the furrow bottom, even in unfavourable soil conditions, ensuring excellent placement quality even at these higher operating speeds.

The fact that this is not all theory is proven twofold; on the one hand by the experiences in practice of end users and on the other by the placement tests which Amazone has carried out when sowing maize in 2010. Here the EDX precision air seeder was being compared to different conventional machines. Both the grain spacing and also with regard to the number of seeds placed at the target depth, the tests confirm that with the EDX technology both accurate placement depths and spacing within the row is maintained, even at higher forward speeds.

Reduced setup and non productive times
Thanks to the either one or two large, centralised seed hoppers, the EDX precision air seeders offer filling, emptying and change over of seed variety times that are noticeably quicker. At the same time the large capacity seed and fertiliser hoppers mean that re-fill times are reduced. On the EDX 900-TC, for example, the capacity on-board is sufficient for around 25 ha.

The stripper fingers do not need to be adjusted on every individual seeder unit; rather they are set via the centralised singling drums simultaneously for several rows. As an option, Amazone even offers, via the Amatron+, electric remote control of the stripper finger adjustment. Hence the driver can monitor and adjust the position of the stripper fingers comfortably and easily from the tractor cab without having to stop or to leave the tractor. The adjustment of the fertiliser and sowing coulters is also done centrally via two individual hydraulic pressure systems. Here also electric remote control is available as an option.

Additional operational comfort
All functions of the EDX precision air seeder machines are actuated via the Amatron+ terminal. This terminal simultaneously monitors the speed and the fill levels on the machine and informs the driver as to the actual performance data. Thirdly, Amatron+ provides a job management system which is easily to handle. This excellent comfort in operation provides additional relief of the strain on the driver and thus contributes to the increase in performance. 

"Speed Seeding" is the peak of performance
By extending the EDX precision air seeder range by these three new mounted models, Amazone now offers the right machine for any relevant farming situation. Thanks to the faster operational speeds and more operational comfort, setup and non-productive times are reduced and acreage outputs can be achieved which are much higher than with conventional precision air seeders. These increases in output Amazone summarises under the headline "Speed Seeding" and describes the EDX range to be the new, peak performance class. The machines are quicker, more effective and save cost; in this way they meet the Amazone claim of "more with less ".  

End users report on the operation with their EDX machines

Amazone Active EDX

Please refer to the brochure "Amazone Active" regarding the exprience of end users with their EDX precision air seeder machines.