Successful Amatechnica field days

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It was not surprising that those visiting the Amatechnica Field Days on the 15th & 16th September, 2010 at Amazone in Hasbergen-Gaste became somewhat out of breath: In an intensive performance on a demonstration site that covered a good 10 hectares laid out in front of Amazonen-Werk, one could see in quick succession, the presentation of almost 30 Amazone machines, starting with fertiliser spreaders and crop protection sprayers and going on, right across the board, to soil tillage and sowing machinery. 

The focal point of the visitors' interest was in the latest innovations in the Amazone programme. So, as a première at Amatechnica, Amazone introduced the new top class performance precision sowing system in the form of the three new tractor mounted EDX air seeders. With now five models in total, Amazone promotes the EDX as a precision air seeder that can manage up to 50 % more output in comparison to conventional precision drill technology. There is now a complete programme for all types of application.

But it was not just the EDX that drew the crowds; as, in addition, and equally interesting for end users and operators alike, for example, was the automatic GPS-Switch part width section control for the fertiliser spreaders and crop protection sprayers from Amazone, the new Catros+ compact disc harrows and the new Cenius mulch cultivators. The support programme at Amatechnica contained, apart from personal discussions, various seminars based on the theme of maize establishment. An introduction into the actual Amazone field trials regime and a factory tour finished off the day.

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