ActivePoint EDX

Brochure "Amazone Active" with reports from the practice about operation with the EDX.
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Goldmedaille 2007

On the occasion of the Agritechnica 2007 the EDX 9000 T was awarded one of the coveted gold medals. Additional awards followed: "Machine of the year 2008" (dlv-publisher), "Innovation of the year 2008 for contractors", silver ear at the Agribex 2007, GRAND PRIX TECHAGRO at the TECHAGRO 2008 in Brno.

EDX precision airplanter


Filling auger

EDX Befuellschnecke

Thanks to the large hopper openings the hoppers of the trailed EDX 6000-TC and 9000-TC can be easily filled. On request the machines can also be equipped with a filling auger. The mounted EDX 6000-2C with its integrated fertiliser hopper is equipped as standard with a filling auger.

Tractor wheel mark eradicators

EDX traktorspurlockerer

For operation on heavy soils, tractor wheel mark eradicators make sense to loosen the compacted tracks behind the tyres. The high-quality spring tine eradicator is equipped with a tensioning spring. Via the interchangeable choice of either wing share or narrow share, flexible application is possible.

Seed drill wheel mark eradicators

Amazone Einzelkorn-Sämaschine EDX, Sämaschinen-Spurlockerer

Again when operating on compaction sensitive soils, the optional seed drill wheel mark eradicators make sense. These loosen the compacted tracks behind the tyres of the seed drill. The position of the wheel mark eradicators can be adjusted horizontally and vertically. Depending on soil type and application of the machine, the wheel mark eradicators can be equipped with different loosening shares. The overload safety device ensures the maintenance of the release force in all positions.

Dual tyres

Amazone Einzelkorn-Sämaschine EDX, Zwillingsbereifung

For row spacings of 70 and 75 cm, the seed row behind the tyres is not run on thanks to the new dual tyres. Especially on heavy, wet soils the dual tyre avoids soil compaction which would result in a delayed plant growth.

LED lighting

For improved lighting of the coulter frame, LED work lights on the fertiliser hopper and LED individual coulter lighting is also available. The lift and drop points are also easier then to determine when sowing at night.

On-board hydraulics

On the EDX 6000-TC, the possibility exists to use a PTO shaft driven, on-board hydraulic system for the blower fan instead of the spool valve of the tractor. This is particularly attractive when the output of tractor’s hydraulic system is too low and it may not be able to provide an adequate supply to the machine.

In-cab control of the Vario gearbox

The remote adjustment of the Vario gearbox offers the possibility of increasing the fertiliser application rate
electronically via the AMATRON 3 without leaving the tractor cab.

Weighing system for the EDX 6000-TC

The weighing system for the EDX 6000-TC shows on the display the actual quantity left in the fertiliser hopper and can be used to monitor the total quantity of fertiliser used. Also available as an option, for simpler documentation and invoicing, a printer can be installed in the tractor cab.

Micro plus granular applicator for EDX 6000-TC precision seeder

Amazone Einzelkorn-Sämaschine EDX, Mikrogranulatstreuer Micro plus für Einzelkornsämaschine EDX 6000-TC

For the EDX 6000-TC, AMAZONE offers the possibility of up to two pneumatic micro-granular applicators. So, in one pass, up to two different micro-granules can be applied with the seed. The advantage of the AMAZONE Micro plus is that all the rows are fed from one common tank, optimising the fill time. The electric drive and the simple change of the metering cassettes offer a significant comfort for the adjustment of the desired application rate. The metering cassette which is included in the standard equipment of the Micro plus granular applicator covers a range from 4 to 15 kg/ha. In addition, for special applications, an optional metering cassette with a range of 2 to 7 kg/ha is offered.
When using one micro-granular applicator, two delivery points can be specified from choice, either “directly into the seed furrow“ or “onto the closed seed furrow”. If two applicators are installed then both delivery points are utilised.
For control of the Micro plus granular applicator, the AMADRILL+ in-cab control box or the comfortable
AMATRON 3 terminal are available. Thanks to the integrated control via AMATRON 3, a cost reduction for the terminal purchase results and less space in the tractor cab is necessary.