New Profihopper with intelligent all-wheel drive

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At the GalaBau 2010 in Nürnberg Amazone again introduced an innovation: the Profihopper 4WDi:
The machine is equipped with intelligent all-wheel drive that enables the separate and individual steering of all four wheels. In comparison to other self-propelled mowers, the all wheel drive 4WDi Profihopper set itself apart from the crowd with its extended range of application and improved operational performance.

The all-wheel drive is the basic technical innovation on the 4WDi Profihopper, where the speed of the four wheels, each driven via a hydraulic motor, are controlled individually and in relation to both the steering wheel position and the forward speed. So, in extreme cases, the new Profihopper can pivot on the spot around one of the two front wheels (zero radius steering). In addition, because the rear and front wheels are connected together via the hydraulic system, the drive offers the optimum exploitation of the engine capacity and a reduction in fuel consumption. And instead of costly electronic valves, which are usually necessary for such control mechanisms, on the new 4WDi Profihopper, a robust, mechanical, and for the user, a relatively cheap system is utilised.

Thus, in practical operation, the new machine offers a vast number of advantages; mowing around obstacles or turning requires less manoeuvring. Especially in difficult operating conditions – such as, for example, wheel slip on wet ground or when working on sloping terrain – the user benefits from the intelligent all-wheel drive. Slip is minimised because every wheel is driven with the optimum torque at any one time, resulting in more safety and improved operational performance, such as, for example, less track marks on lawns.

Also new, in comparison to the normal Profihopper with two-wheel drive, is that the  Profihopper 4WDi is now equipped with a steering wheel based steering system instead of the lever steering. This makes the intuitive steering easier.

The self-propelled Profihopper 4WDi  is mainly used for the maintenance of parks and golf courses as well as on sports pitches and playgrounds. However, it can be utilised just as well on less intensively tended areas, such as wild flower meadows, with a vegetation height of up to approximately 50 cm. With its front mounted 1.25 m wide precision cut rotor and its rear mounted collection hopper, the Profihopper is not only able to mow lawns but also can simultaneously collect cuttings and/or leaves. It is also ideal for scarifying. Thanks to its hydraulic high tip emptying (up to 2.10 m) the machine is able to transfer the collected matter directly into a lorry or trailer.

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