Three new Grasshopper models

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Amazone have extended their range of multi functional grasshopper mowing devices by three new Profi models. Most importang innovations of the GHS Drive machines that are offered in working widths of 1.50 m, 1.80 m and 2.10 m and collection hopper capacities of 2,50 m³, 3,00 m³ and 3,50 m³ are the refined high lift dischare, the draw bar linkage and the re-inforced road traffic running gear.  

In spite of their large hopper volumes the new machines with draw bar linkage can be operated following small and light weight compact tractors. This reduces not only costs but also the tractor's ground pressure. Tractor and grasshopper make a perfectly manoeuvrable mowing team that - thanks to its re-inforced running gear - enables a travelling speed of up to 30 km/h. 

The high lift discharge allows to lift the complete collecting hopper to a height of 2.30 m and to swivel it simultaneously by 0.8 m to the rear. So the cut material can be discharged in the trailer's centre to make full use of the trailer loading capacity. 

The GHS Amazone Grasshopper is very popular with professional garden care, landscaping and turf management. It is used for the maintenance of parks and golf courses and also on extensively used greens and paddocks. The heart of the machine is the exact cutting rotor with individually suspended cutting blades enabling - even in wet conditions - the mowing, scarifying and the collection of cuttings in one action.