New performance calculator on the internet

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How wide does the machine need to be or how many machines are required to complete the work load on time? How many hectares can a machine do per hour, how many per day? This and similar questions for use in the planning of machinery needs are answered by the new performance calculator that Amazone has made available as an additional service on their internet pages (

The tool offers individual masks for crop protection, fertilisation, soil tillage, sowing and precision seeding into which the different alternatives in farm mechanisation can be entered. Operation is simple: After the input of the initial data such as, for example, acreage size, field working days, working width, operational speed and the farm to field distance the calculator now delivers not only a basic statement as to whether the entered level of mechanisation is sufficient but also various other results, such as for example, the total working hour requirement, hourly outputs and individual operation times. 

The calculator offers farmers and agricultural contractors additional decision making support enabling them in the planning stages of an investment to calculate farm and man hour related key data. At the same time it is the ideal supplement to the recently introduced ‘Product Configurator’ that enables Amazone dealers, quickly and precisely, to submit to their customers the precise requirements for Amazone agricultural machinery already specified to the relevant necessary execution.