The 'Long-Life-Drive' System

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Machinery that is used for active soil cultivation is subject to extremely arduous stresses and strains because of having to transfer high torque under permanently changing conditions. This does not mean heavy strain just on the materials but, above all, also on the bearings within the drive system.  

In order to underline the optimally matched precision of the “guts” inside their rotary cultivators and rotary harrows Amazone have now coined the name "Long-Life-Drive". It stands for the quality that predetermines the reduced wear, perfect smooth running and high longevity of the entire drive line.

So at Amazone, not are only the supporting elements, such as the trough and headstock of the machine of an especially strong design, but also the engineers have invested an equally big effort into optimising the drive lines.  The result culminating in "Long-Life-Drive", where the high capacity of the gearboxes, the over-dimensioned and at the same time precisely machined teeth on the spur gears, as well as the accurate manufacture and matching of shafts and bearing bushings come together to offer the ultimate in reliability. Moreover, shafts and tine carriers are bomb proof due to being forged from one piece and the dual, labyrinth sealing system prevent the ingress of crop residues into the drive system. In addition - with the Quick+Safe system - the machines feature a quick tine change and an integrated stone release.

Since Agritechnica 2009, Amazone now offers five series in total fitted with "Long-Life-Drive" optimised drive. This includes the three rotary cultivators; KG Special and KG Super and the new KX as well as the rotary harrows KE Special and KE Super.