New: Catros+ compact disc harrow

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AMAZONE now offers the new Catros+ compact disc harrow for fast, shallow and intensively mixing soil tillage. Thanks to the oversized 510 mm diameter serrated discs the Catros+, available in working widths of 3.0 and 3.5 m, is well suited for incorporating huge amounts of straw. The Catros+ is also ideal for the working in maize straw and stubbles, for the ploughing up of grassland and fallow field rejuvenation.

The short and compact design of the Catros+ makes for a lower pulling power requirement and is equipped as standard with an integrated stone safety device and maintenance-free disc bearings with integrated slide ring seals. The individual elastic suspension via rubber spring elements ensures the superb adaptation to ground undulations.

Although for reconsolidating  the soil, the compact disc harrow can be combined with various following rollers, such as a tooth packer or tandem cage rollers, the optimum in most operational areas is the wedge ring roller. This roller levels the soil surface, reconsolidating it just in strips, resulting in a good soil contact within the strips, and thus, in the ideal condition for germination. Via the remaining, unconsolidated areas then water can still soak away into the soil so that any danger of capping is noticeably reduced.