New Active Centre in Harworth

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12th February 2010
As the use of technology continues to increase in agriculture there is an on-going need to place even more emphasis on customer support; operators must be better trained, farmers and contractors need to know how this technology can improve the efficiency of their business before making a purchase, dealer staff have to be fully ‘au fait’ with moderns electronics, diagnostics and parts support. All this leads to the machinery manufacturer having to make sure that all parties are kept fully up to date.

With this in mind, Amazone Ltd has invested in a new in-house training centre and showroom at their premises in Harworth, South Yorks. Covering over 350 sq m. of floor area and with audio-visual facilities there is ample room to display the full range of Amazone equipment and offers lecture style seating to groups of visitors in warm and comfortable surroundings. Alongside the showroom is a café area where customers who call in can enjoy a cup of coffee whilst having their questions answered.

The Active Centre was recently christened with three days of dealer sales training followed by two days of dealer sprayer service training. For one of the training days, Amazone Ltd took the opportunity to invite Mr. Christian Dreyer, joint managing director (with his cousin Dr. Justus Dreyer), of both Amazone Ltd and Amazonen-Werke, Ltd’s parent company and the fourth generation of the Dreyer family to be involved in the 127 year old business. Pictured above is Christian Dreyer with Adrian Winnett & Andreas Hemeyer, joint general managers of Amazone Ltd and a group of enthusiastic dealer sales people.

Christian Dreyer commented that “this development in Harworth introduces to Great Britain the Amazone philosophy of actively bringing together, through seminars, presentations and training, people that are involved, not only in farming, but also supply industries, scientists and product support staff. This pooling together of experience can only lead to increased profitability for arable farmers who make full use of the wealth of experience that Amazone have to offer”

More with Less
The Active Centre is based only a few miles from Amazone Ltd’s latest field trials site which, encompasses over 8 hectares of second wheat, giving farmers the chance to look over the pros and cons of crop establishment using both plough-based conventional and min-till conservation tillage systems. Although representing only a small part of Amazone’s 1000 hectare of trials directly under their control worldwide, the supervised farm walks are there to help the British farmer in his decision making process and brings home the potential savings created by a change in tillage systems.

All are welcome
With numerous groups already booked to use the facility, from farmers and agronomy groups through to colleges and young famers clubs, it is open house for all, even if it just for a cup of coffee and a nosy around. Please contact Amazone Ltd on 01302 751200 to discuss your needs.