GPS-Switch for crop protection sprayers and fertiliser spreaders

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With GPS-Switch, Amazone offers a GPS based automatic part-width section control for crop protection sprayers and fertiliser spreaders. Included in the range of machine available as "GPS-Switch ready“ – that means delivered ready prepared for operation with GPS-Switch - are the Amazone sprayers; UF, UG, and UX , the SX self-propelled sprayer and the ZA-M Hydro, ZA-M Ultra Hydro and ZG-B Ultra Hydro fertiliser spreaders. GPS-Switch works in conjunction with the Amatron+ on-board computer.
 At present up to 13 part width sections can be automatically controlled when spraying in addition to the automatic on/off at the headlands. As well as AMATRON+, fertiliser spreaders also require hydraulic spreading disc drive in order to automate both the functions of "on/off” at the headlands and the control of the 6 part-width sections. 
Thanks to GPS-Switch, overlapping and misses are avoided, e.g. at the field's headland, in wedges or when negotiating obstacles. This results in savings in costs and agronomical advantages such as, for example, less lodged corn. The wider the tramline width and the more awkward the field shape then the more effective are these advantages. A system operating at always the same precision, no matter whether during the day or at night, enables the machine operating times to be extended into the early morning and late evening hours. At the same time GPS-Switch results in a clear relief of stress on the driver because the need for a constant high level of concentration is reduced.  
The modular design of the system means GPS systems that are already available can be utilised as a position indicator for GPS-Switch. This keeps costs down as only one receiver is required. The minimum requirements on the correction signal are to an accuracy of ± 30 cm.