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Brochure "Amazone Active" with reports from the practice about operation with the EDX.
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Goldmedaille 2007

On the occasion of the Agritechnica 2007 the EDX 9000 T was awarded one of the coveted gold medals. Additional awards followed: "Machine of the year 2008" (dlv-publisher), "Innovation of the year 2008 for contractors", silver ear at the Agribex 2007, GRAND PRIX TECHAGRO at the TECHAGRO 2008 in Brno.

EDX precision airplanter


Top features

Amazone Einzelkorn-Sämaschine EDX

+ Enormously efficient thanks to operational speeds of up to 15 km/h
+ Xpress System for optimum seed singling and placement
+ High acreage outputs thanks to the large seed and fertiliser hoppers
+ Quick filling and seed change thanks to the centralised seed hopper
+ Quick filling of the central fertiliser hopper
+ Simplified calibration of the fertiliser rates
+ Comfortable AMATRON 3 operator terminal for complete control
+ Central hydraulic pressure adjustment of the fertiliser and sowing coulters: as an option with remote actuation via the AMATRON 3
+ Compact and quick folding to a transport width of 3 m maximum
+ EDX 6000-TC can be used with up to two micro-granular applicators

The EDX range from AMAZONE stands for high efficiency

Amazone EDX Einzelkornsämaschinen

All models have in common that they can be operated, both following conventional or conservation soil tillage or for direct seeding. This applies equally as well when sowing maize, sunflowers and rape.
The trailed EDX 6000-TC and 9000-TC are ideally suited to large sized fields.
Experience in practice shows that with an EDX 9000-TC, depending on the farm, a seasonal output of up to 1,500 ha is possible whereas with, for the smaller EDX 6000-TC, the value amount to approx. 900 ha respectively.


So functions the Xpress system

Einzelkornsämaschine EDX Kornvereinzelung

Instead of the usual vacuum singling, on the EDX, the Xpress singling and placement system is used. Grain
singling and grain placement are separated: By a pressurised system, the seed is kept on the move by the singling set-up and delivered via the seed tube for the precise placement in the seed furrow enabling operational speeds of up to 15 km/h to be achieved.

AMAZONE offers two singling drums for each of the three cultures; maize, sunflowers and rape, so that, even with the differing properties (shape, size, etc.), the seeds can always be cleanly singled.

The precise pneumatic singling of the seeds is performed, depending on machine model and row spacing, from 6 up to 16 rows simultaneously via the centralised singling drums (1). The stripper finger (2) adjustment for singling a grain to each of the holes in these drums is carried out centrally.

After the singling process, the seeds are then “shot” via the seed barrels (3) into a separate placement zone, the so-called Xpress catcher system with furrow former (5) and catcher roller (6). Behind the two leading cutting discs (4) the furrow former (5) makes a furrow profile in a rectangular shape. The following catcher roller (6) covers right up to the edges of the furrow so that the seeds cannot roll out of position but are safely caught and pressed into the furrow even in unfavourable soil conditions. This ensures the optimum placement quality. As the catcher roller (6) is arranged neatly behind the furrow former (5) the placement quality remains constant even at increased forward speeds. Another advantage compared to a conventional precision air seeder is that the placement accuracy from the Xpress catcher system is now independent of the state of wear of the sowing coulters.



Test results: the EDX technology in comparison

Amazone Einzelkorn-Sämaschine EDX

During comprehensive placement tests in 2010, different precision air seeders were compared whilst sowing maize. The objective of the test was to compare the placement quality of the new EDX precision air seeder with conventional machines from other manufacturers. The results show an obvious advantage in the EDX technology.

(1) Grain spacing along the row
For coefficient of variation (CoV), the measure for placement accuracy, the EDX comes off very well in comparison with conventional machines. At 15 km/h the CoV values for the EDX are virtually the same as with conventional machines at slower operational speeds.

(2) Placement target
Across all operational speeds the EDX achieved the highest number of seeds placed at the target spacing. Even at 15 km/h the placement target values for the EDX was higher than the level of the compared machines working at much slower speeds.


Less lifting power on the tractor required

Amazone Einzelkorn-Sämaschine  EDX 6000-TC

With its 6 m working width the EDX 6000-TC is the "smaller" of the two trailed EDX models although still designed for huge seasonal outputs from 600 to 900 ha.
The trailed EDX 6000-TC requires, in comparison with a mounted machine, less lifting power on the tractor. The precision seeder features a central 600 l seed hopper plus a fertiliser tank with a capacity of 3,000 l.
These supply enough seed and fertiliser for about 20 ha without the necessity to refill seed or fertiliser. For filling the fertiliser hopper AMAZONE offers a filling auger as special option. The EDX 6000-TC can be equipped for all commonly used row spacings of 37.5 cm to 80 cm. In Germany this machine is delivered as standard with air brakes and a permit to travel at 40 km/h.



Uncompromising in large area operation

Amazone Einzelkorn-Sämaschine EDX 9000-TC

As the flagship of the EDX precision air seeders, the trailed EDX 9000-TC with its 9 m working width has been designed without compromise for operation in large fields. Many EDX 9000-TC have managed 1,000 ha and more in just one sowing season to the utmost satisfaction of their owners.

The EDX 9000-TC features two centralised seed hoppers each of 400 l capacity with a 5,000 l fertiliser hopper capacity. As for the EDX 900-TC, AMAZONE also offers a filling auger as a special option for the quick and simple filling of the fertiliser hopper. The EDX 9000-TC can be specified in row spacings of  45 cm, 50 cm, 55 cm, 70 cm, 75 cm or 80 cm. In Germany this machine is delivered as standard with air brakes and a permit to travel at 40 km/h. 



Even at high forward speeds

EDX Säaggrgate

When working at high forward speeds it is important that the fertiliser and sowing units run smoothly so that fertiliser and seed are precisely placed at the desired depth. Therefore, all AMAZONE EDX precision air seeders use centralised, hydraulically adjustable coulter pressure systems.

Accurate fertiliser placement
Via diagonally opposite arranged fertiliser coulters, with built-in furrow formers (1), the mineral fertiliser is placed exactly 5 cm next to the seed furrow. For operation on abrasive soil types the machines can be also equipped with hard metal coated furrow formers. The delivery of the fertiliser rate is carried out via a stepless gearbox from the centralised feed hopper. The placement depth is controlled on all the coulters via a hydraulic central coulter pressure adjustment.

Precision seed placement
Every Xpress sowing unit is built up of several elements: First a V-shaped angled double disc sowing coulter (2) cuts the soil surface and pushes to one side any crop residues, followed by the furrow former (3) that shapes the furrow and firms it along the bottom. Directly behind the furrow former the seed is shot into the furrow, caught by the catcher roller (4) and pressed in. Then adjustable Super-V press wheels (5) cover the seed with loose soil and firm it above the covered furrow.

Hard-metal coated fertiliser openers
For operation in heavy wearing soils, the hard-metal coated fertiliser openers can be fitted as an option. For the optimum spacing between fertiliser and sowing coulters, a depth control chain is also available as an option. In sticky soil conditions there is a special scraper available (option) for cleaning the carrying rollers.

Precise placement depths

EDX Drehspindel Ablagetiefen

The position of the furrow former and thus the desired seed placement depth can be adjusted individually via the spindle. In this way, individual coulters, such as for instance in a tractor wheel track, can be set deeper. The maximum placement depth is 10 cm.  


Central coulter pressure

EDX Schardruckverstellung

As standard, the pressure adjustment for fertiliser coulters  and sowing units is carried out via the valve taps on the machine. Even more comfortable is the electric remote control, available an optional extra, enabling to set the pressures via the AMATRON 3 terminal in the tractor cab.

Gentle travel of the sowing units

EDX Tragrollen

There are two 500 mm diameter rollers per sowing coulter, which run extremely smoothly thanks to their wide ground contact area, supporting the complete sowing unit. The pressure on the carrying rollers also can be adjusted centrally and hydraulically and thus be matched to the prevailing soil conditions. The maximum pressure is 200 kg/unit, ensuring a gentle travel of the sowing units and thus the optimum placement depth.

Maize, sunflowers and rape - all is possible!

EDX Vereinzelungstrommeln für Mais, Raps oder Sonnenblumen

Whether for maize, sunflowers or rape - not only for sowing different crops, but also for different sizes of maize grains, singling drums are available which can be exchanged quickly and easily.



Suited to all soil conditions

EDX mulchsaatfähig

Thanks to the special sowing units the EDX precision air seeder can be used universally and without conversion for conventional sowing, mulch sowing or direct sowing. Already today its mulch sowing ability is of great importance for many farms operating without the plough. 

Erosion decree ready

After the introduction of the EU-wide erosion decree on July 1st, 2010 row crops, such as maize, when grown in fields where there is a risk of water erosion such as soils in the CCwater2 danger class may only be grown in row widths of less than 45 cm where the prior soil tillage was with the plough. Here the EDX precision air seeder range offers a suitable solution.

Narrow sowing in discussion

When sowing maize with on a narrow row spacings below 75 cm the plants develop better in early growth in specific conditions. However, also presently, the precision sowing rape with row spacings of 37.5 or 45 cm is discussed. Here also, Amazone offers the perfect solution.

80 cm row spacing? No problem!

In Southern France maize is sown at a row spacing of 80 cm. The appropriate specification is possible for all the models in the range

Tramlining/Individual row shut-off

Narrower row spacings require tramlines enabling the application of phosphate or other fertilisers in the growing crop without damaging the plants. Thanks to their electronic control EDX precision air seeders can be equipped with the relevant tramline control. At the same time, using the individual row shut-offs, for example, when sowing in wedges, the individual rows can be switched off and on where appropriate.

Designed for efficiency without compromise

Not only is it the high operational speed of the EDX precision air seeders that results in an increase in efficiency but also the noticeably reduced set-up time and unproductive periods. Users confirm that the machines are fully designed for professional usage even down to the detail such as, for example, hopper lid seals or lever adjustments.

Large, centralised seed hoppers

EDX - große zentrale Saatgutbehälter

Quicker filling and emptying, quicker seed change - the big central seed hoppers are comfortably accessible and quickly filled. This results in an additional increase in efficiency. In addition the hoppers offer a much greater volume, so much so, that now more hectares can be sown without stopping.



Fertiliser hopper with extra capacity

EDX Düngerdosierung

Also the fertiliser hoppers, with capacities of up to 5,000 l (EDX 9000-TC), offer much volume. So, also the time wasted during the refilling of fertiliser or the driving time back to fill up are reduced to a minimum. On all the machines, the fertiliser is delivered via one metering roller in the bottom of the supply hopper and then blown pneumatically back via either one or two distributor heads down to the fertiliser coulters.

Calibration within shortest time

EDX Dünger abdrehen

Teamwork with the AMATRON 3 operator terminal means that the calibration test for checking the application rates of fertiliser is quickly done.

Quick central adjustment of the stripper fingers

EDX zentrale Abstreiferverstellung

The adjustment of the stripper fingers is no longer carried out individually for every row but - thanks to the central singling drums - for several rows at the same time.


Central coulter pressure adjustment

Amazone Einzelkorn-Sämaschine EDX, Zentrale Schardruckverstellung

As standard, the pressure adjustment for fertiliser coulters and sowing units is carried out via the valve taps on the machine.
Even more comfortable is the electric remote control, available as an optional extra, enabling to set the
pressures via the AMATRON 3 terminal in the tractor cab.



Safer road transport

EDX 3 m Transportbreite

The running gear on the trailed EDX 6000-TC and 9000-TC seeders is equipped with oversized tyres 700/40-22.5 or 700/50-26.5, an air-braking system and a permit for transport speed of up to 40 km/h.

Thanks to the sophisticated folding mechanism all EDX precision air seeders can be folded for road transport down to 3 m transport width.

Top operational simplicity with AMATRON 3

Bedienterminal Amatron 3

Even the control of the EDX precision air seeders offers noticeably more comfort. Apart from the omprehensive monitoring, the machine‘s many functions can be operated comfortably and easily via the AMATRON 3 operator terminal. This is an additional relief of the strain on the driver. By the way, when the season is over, one can use the AMATRON 3 also for operating other AMAZONE equipment without any problem.

Quick data input:
Initially the machine and job specific data is entered via the AMATRON 3 operator terminal, for instance the setting of seed and fertiliser application rates. Also, during the sowing operation, one can change the seed rate or switch over the hydraulic functions.

Extremely well informed:
The display of the AMATRON 3 informs of the operational speed, the seed rates, the amount remaining in the seed and fertiliser hoppers or the remaining distance to run until the seed or fertiliser hoppers will be completely empty.

Fill level sensors/warning alarm
In order that one is kept fully informed, the seed and fertiliser hoppers are equipped each with one fill level
sensor. As soon as the fill level in the seed or fertiliser hopper falls below the critical limits, an alarm is emitted and displayed.


Comprehensive monitoring

For a smooth sowing operation the AMATRON 3 monitors, for example, the fan revs and drum speed and the pressure in the singling system.  

Control of the stripper finger position:
The correct setting of the stripper fingers in the singling drums can also be seen on the operator terminal. Signals are sent from the sensors which detect doubles or misses on the holes of the singling drums.
In case the holes are not covered with seeds due to a wrong adjustment of the air pressure or whether a sowing coulter is blocked up with soil residues an alarm sign is received via the AMATRON 3.

Order management

When starting a new job, the AMATRON 3 stores the applied seed and fertiliser rates, the size of the worked fields, the sowing time and the average work rate per hour.