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AMAZONEN-Werke H. Dreyer GmbH & Co. KG - Am Amazonenwerk 9-13 - D-49205 Hasbergen -Germany Tel. +49 (0)5405 501-0 - Fax: +49 (0)5405 501-147

  • Coming from Bremen, Dortmund, Rheine/Amsterdam
    BAB A30 in direction Hanover. After the motorway intersection "Lotte/Osnabrück" follow the next exit "Hasbergen-Gaste", then turn right to Rheiner Landstraße. At the next traffic lights turn right in direction Gaste. Behind the end of the village Gaste  you will find AMAZONEN-Werk Gaste.
  • Coming from Hanover/Osnabrück
    BAB A30 in direction Rheine/Amsterdam. Follow the exit "Hasbergen-Gaste", then turn left to Rheiner Landstraße. At the second set of traffic lights turn right in direction Gaste. Behind the end of the village Gaste you will find the AMAZONEN-Werk Gaste.


AMAZONEN-WERKE H. Dreyer GmbH & Co. KG - Heinrich-Dreyer-Straße - 27798 Hude/Oldenburg
Tel. +49 (0)4408 927-0 - Fax +49 (0)4408 927-399

  • Coming from Hannover, Hamburg, Bremen
    BAB A1 via "Bremer Kreuz" in direction Osnabrück. Follow the exit "Delmenhorst-Ost" in direction Emden. Then follow road A28 in direction Oldenburg. Exit "Ganderkesee-West" and follow road B212 in direction Hude. Turn left into the Huder Straße. Follow this road until the turning left into the Heinrich-Dreyer-Straße. You will find the AMAZONEN-Werk Hude on the right hand side.
  • From direction Münster, Osnabrück
    BAB A1 from Osnabrück in direction Bremen until motorway junction "Alhorner Heide", then follow A29 in direction Oldenburg until junction "Oldenburg-Ost", to ahead on A28 in direction Bremen. Follow the exit  "Hude" intoVielstedter Straße in direction Hude. Approx. 1 km after the town sign Hude before the railway underpass turn right into the Hohe Straße. After approx. 2 km you will find the  AMAZONEN-Werk Hude on the left hand side. (ACTIVE Center is signposted).

BBG Leipzig

BBG Bodenbearbeitungsgeräte Leipzig GmbH & Co. KG - Rippachtalstraße 10 - 04249 Leipzig
Tel. +49 (0)341 4274-600 - Fax +49 (0)341 4274-619

  • Coming from Schkeuditzer Kreuz
    BAB A9 "Schkeuditzer Kreuz" in direction Munich. Follow the exit "Leipzig West" to road B181 in direction Leipzig. At the set of traffic lights turn right to road B186 in direction Markranstädt. At "Möbel Boss" turn left, in the first roundabout take the first exit, in the second roundabout take the third exit. Pass the Kulkwitzer See (lake) until set of traffic lights, turn right into the road "am See".   At the next set of traffic lights turn right into the Ratzelstraße. Pass the tram rails and at the next cross roads turn right into the Schönauer Straße. Follow the turn of the main road to the right into the Rippachtalstraße. You will find the factory BBG Leipzig on the right hand side.
  • Coming from Hermsdorfer Kreuz
    BAB A9 "Hermsdorfer Kreuz" in direction Leipzig. Follow the exit "Kreuz Rippachtal" to A38 in direction Lützen. Follow the exit "Leipzig-Südwest" to road B186 in direction Leipzig. Turn right in direction Leipzig. Straight ahead via set of traffic lights in direction "Zentrum". Follow the main road, on the left hand side is BBG Leipzig.


AMAZONE S.A. Forbach - 17, rue de la Verrerie - 57602 Forbach Cedex/FranceTel. +33 (0)3 87 84 65 70 - Fax +33 (0)3 87 84 65 71