Amazone claims to provide machinery for the market which is equipped with optimum, yet functional, safety features not only just for the operator, but also of the product and with a view to reducing environmental impact. 

Safety-Set as standard


Increased safety is offered on the AMAZONE ZA-M by the new Safety Set now fiited as standard on all models. Equipment that is hitched to tractors must be clearly identifable in road traffic and AMAZONE has integrated the strict safety requirements into a modern design. Large warning decals to the rear and the integrated lighting system make the spreader combination more noticeable whereas the surrounding safety guard rail complies with the accident prevention regulations. The additional mud flaps (standard in ZA-M Profis and ZA-M Ultra) ensure that no dirt is thrown onto the spreading discs from the tractor wheels.  

Compact, fast, safe!


For road transport the machine is quickly folded to a transport width of 3 m with the oversized tyres also providing an especially smooth run on the road. As standard the trailed drills come with a full braking system that corresponds in all respects to the current traffic regulations for permissible forward speeds of up to 40 km/h.


Geprüfter Nachrüstsatz „Airkit ED“ für Einzelkornsämaschinen

The sowing of dressed maize seed using well-known and widely used pneumatic vacuum seeders is, since 2009, in numerous regions of the world only approved for use when equipped with a suitable exhaust air guide system. It should be ensured that, with the use of such machines, that waves of seed dressing laden air are not released into the atmosphere, with a potential risk to both people and the environment.

The AMAZONE Airkit ED has been developed to prevent this occurrence and is recognised as an effective precaution. It is available as an optional extra for all new Amazone ED02 precision air seeders and owners of older ED01 and ED02 series machines can retrofit the system for a small cost. Please ask your local dealer for details.

Independent of any legal obligations, AMAZONE recommends the principle of fitting an Airkit ED
for sowing dressed seed – in the interests of both work place health and safety and the protection of
the environment.

Vehicle protection covers


All exact following harrows are equipped as standard with vehicle protection covers for use when on the public highway. When in work, the covers are carried in a holder, staying always with the machine.